What is DAMsense?

DAMsense is a complete Digital Asset Management system, delivering the ability for your organization to make sense of its digital media files such as images, videos, music, .PDFs and other documents in one central & searchable repository.

The solution provided is completely tailored to your requirements, from large eCommerce enabled image websites to internal corporate branding asset management systems.

Why is digital asset management becoming more important?

Because it saves time and money – offices and homes become paperless and do not have as many paper copies of documents and photos. To find and organize these is becoming a nightmare. DAMsense organizes assets into one cloud digital library from where you can access it 24/7 and easily find it, preview and download it.

Which industries use digital asset management systems?

Media, retail as well as corporate

What about the security issues?

DAMsense assets are saved in a secure environment, with regular back-ups and protected with secure logons. Access and download rights are furthermore managed with user roles.

Is DAMsense a hosted service and what does this mean?

DAMsense is a cost-effective & high-performing webserver application that is delivered as a hosted service, meaning that you have access to a leading-edge digital asset management system without the costs and worries of running a high-performing server infrastructure.

Can DAMsense be white labled?

We can white label and customize DAMsense – it can integrate with your existing systems and websites with your own logos, style sheets and colours.

Does DAMsense cater for ecommerce?

DAMsense can be used not only for managing your digital assets, but also to sell those digital assets online; Gallo Images were the first to implement the DAMsense eCommerce solution, enabling them to offer quick and easy credit card & on-account purchases via their public website.

Successful implementations

DAMsense has been implemented successfully at a wide range of South African companies, delivering solutions that provide real benefit on a daily basis.

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