DAMsense Modules

DAMsense has been designed in a modular format. Implementation and configuration of the appropriate modules enable organisations to support their specific requirements and business rules.

  • DAMsense User Portal (web-browser front-end access)
  • DAMsense Administration Portal (web-browser back-office access)
  • DAMsense Asset Scanner (discovery and analysis of existing assets)
  • DAMsense Importer (initial indexing and database storage of assets)
  • DAMsense File Interchange (upload and distribution management of assets)
  • DAMsense Notification (email alerting and communication)
  • DAMsense Security (view/download rights depending on user roles)
  • DAMsense Subscription (view/download rights after secure login)
  • DAMsense eCommerce (online shop, payment gateway and sales administration)
  • DAMsense SEO (search engine optimization)
DAMsense is for:

Brand asset

Library asset

Production asset


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